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erci kandel

2008 »In search of Memory«

Screenplay / Director / Producer
Portrait of the neuroscientist and Nobel prizewinner
Eric Kandel


Nov. 2006
Formation of the production company
FilmForm Köln GmbH
together with Joachim von Mengershausen

2006 »Bis zu der großen Ewigkeit«

Director / Camera / Producer
Portrait of a centenarian
60 min. Documentary
Production: Petra Seeger Film

2006 »Shanghai, Shanghai«

Shanghai, Shanghai
Idea / Development
Weekly magazine show from Shanghai
in collaboration with Terra Nova



Photo project / New York
Purchase of Grolman Results / Frankfurt

2004 »Die besten Seiten von...«

Screenplay / Director / 2nd Camera
Pilot for monthly literary show for WDR
With Hannelore Hoger
15 min. Production: First Entertainment

2003 »Vatersland«

Screenplay / Autobiographical feature film
Supported by the Filmstiftung NRW

2003 »After the bombing«

Director / Camera /Producer
Portrait of a Balinese woman after the 2002 bomb attacks
Production: Petra Seeger Film

Wim Wenders

2002 »Wim Wenders, BAP und der Oscar«

Director / Camera / Producer
Portrait of Wim Wenders at work
60 min. WDR
Production: Petra Seeger Film

vill passiert

2001 »Vill Passiert«

2nd camera for the cinema film by Wim Wenders about
the rock group BAP


2000/2001 »Die Schiller-Gang«

Director / Camera / Producer
Docu-Soap. 6  30-min episodes WDR
Production: Petra Seeger Film

380° Afrika

1999 »380° Afrika«

Documentary about the making of the TV series "Tanja" by Berengar Pfahl in Senegal
48 min. Prod. Berengar Pfahl Film for WWF


Formation of the production company


Since 1999 also active as camerawoman

Film is battleground

1997/98 »Film is a battleground«

Director /Producer
Portrait of the film director Rudolf Thome at work
45 min. Prod. WDR/Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Design Academy)
In collaboration with students at the Academy

1996 Peter Zadek inszeniert »Mondlicht« von Harold Pinter

(Peter Zadek stages Harold Pinter's "Moonlight")
Portrait of the director at work
30 min. Prod. WDR

1995 »Nikolaikirche Leipzig«

(The Nikolai Church in Leipzig, the "base" of the demonstrations in October 1989)
Portrait of the working life of the director Frank Beyer
60 Min. Prod. Edition Konzept for WDR

1995 »Nikolaikirche«

CD-ROM on the story of the church movement in East Germany leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the fall of 1989
1st prize in the category "Edutainment" at the International Multimedia Fair Berlin

1993 »Zwischen allen Stühlen«

Portrait of the director Christoph Schlingensief
45 Min. Prod. Edition Konzept for WDR

seit 1993

since 1993 Various film contributions to cultural and women's magazine shows for WDR


»Ein Film kommt auf die Welt«

Documentary on the release of the second part of Edgar Reitz' "Heimat" trilogy "Leaving Home".
90 min. Prod. Tag/Traum for WDR


»Abschied vom Drehbuch«

A documentary on the making of the second part of Edgar Reitz' "Heimat" trilogy "Leaving Home"
76 Min. Prod.WDR
"Special event" at the Venice Film Festival (1991)


Press agent for international feature films at the film festivals in Cannes and Venice

1984 »Gratwanderung«

Cinema feature film, Prod. ZDF/DFFB Berlin
Featuring: Irina Hoppe, Michael Altmann, Petra Seeger
Director: Barbara Kappen

1984 »Turin - Santo Stefano Belbo«

Co-director with Renate Sami
Portrait of the writer Cesare Pavese
60 min. 16mm Prod. WDR/SWF

1984 »Zwei Bilder«

Screenplay and actress
Cinema short film 35mm. Director: Rudolf Thome
Featuring: Rüdiger Vogler, Petra Seeger
Produced with assistance from the German Interior Ministry
Classified as: "particularly valuable" by the FBW (a German public-service film grading organization)

1980 »Schule im 3. Reich«

Co-director with Jürgen Heiter
Documentary about the education system in the Third Reich.
45 min. Prod. WDR

1980 »Der Bund Deutscher Mädel«

Documentary about the Nazi girls' organization (the girls' equivalent to the Hitler Youth)
45 Min. Prod. WDR

1979 »Gsellmanns Augenfutter«

Co-director with Jürgen Heiter
Portrait of an Austrian farmer, who spent 25 years building a "world machine" from garbage and kitsch.
Documentary, 45 min. Prod. WDR




Workshop / Kunstakademie (Art Academy) Munich
"Oneself" in art
The link between biography and artistic creativity


Non-established part-time teaching post at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe/Medienkunst (Karlsruhe Design Academy/Media Art)
Course: "From idea to production. Working with public-service television."